Mexicanus Boots

60 EUR

Discover our Mexicanus boot . From the first models we manufactured, this boot was used for decades only as a work boot in Portugal, but today it is perfectly inserted in alternative styles. They are perfect rain boots and their sole provides a good grip for the most slippery floors.


  • Blake construction (double stitched)
  • Genuine Skin
  • Troop rubber sole

Handmade in Portugal

Size guide:

Size Length
34 22.7cm
35 23.3cm
36 24cm
37 24.7cm
38 25.3cm
39 26cm
40 26.7cm
41 27.3cm
42 28cm
44 29.3cm
45 30cm

* The colors shown are merely illustrative and may vary from model to model.
** Due to the manual process, the skins may have marks and ribs characteristic of their genuine origin.