Should I buy Slippers in the summer?

Should I buy Slippers in the summer?

The doubt has arisen by some customers. Summer is coming and with warm weather, will it be advantageous to buy slippers or slippers for this time of year?

The answer is YES!

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First we must identify which group we belong to:

1. cold people usually wear slippers all year round.

2. The average people wear slippers during the winter and slippers during the summer.

3. The hottest people wear the slipper all year round.

Why can our slippers be used all year round?

Due to their natural origin, the slippers have natural pores that allow our feet to breathe by regulating our body temperature. The pores allow the foot to breathe, so that bad odors are not present in your home shoes.

So our slippers "roast" the feet and regulate the temperature allow to reduce fatigue, and increase the comfort while doing your activities at home.

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