Fed up with throwing belts in the trash?

Fed up with throwing belts in the trash?

Who has never regretted buying a belt that ended up in a flat purchase?

This is what consumers most complain about when they talk to us at any exhibition. Some because they started to "peel" others because they simply "broke".

The reason for the limited belt life and escaping consumer expectations is in your COMPOSITION!

The reality is that a belt in leather is indispensable in anyone's wardrobe and that is why we must always bet on the quality of the leather accessories we acquire.

What sense does it make to have a quality coat, some quality jeans when we finish with a "bad morning" belt?

Our belts are made of genuine leather so they can last for many years! In addition, we choose quality raw materials to keep up with the duration of our leather.

Did you know that a belt can last 10 years?

Now it's up to you to carry out the maintenance of your belt leather, but don't worry, here are some tips to overcome this task:

  1. Respect the width of the straps on the pants! Just as there are different pants, there are also different belts for each type of pants.
    (be it jeans, classic, farm or others)
  2. Always remove your belt from your pants at the end of the day! No laziness and leave the belt on your pants for the next use :)
    (It may seem boring, but it's a matter of habit)
  3. You can get some fat cream when you feel your skin is getting dry. You can also get a product suitable for leather (as natural as possible) but be careful that they must dry before using on the pants.
  4. Do not force the holes too much, if you need to, make an extra hole , no drilling holes with screws (if necessary you can go to the shoemaker and he makes the holes), so you don't have to constantly stretch the leather.

These are our TIPS for an always perfect belt! Leather accessories need maintenance, but they are the most durable and when cared for there is no greater beauty.


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