Christmas 2020

You can find us this CHRISTMAS in 3 different places. We are present in Vila Real, Castelo Branco and Setúbal.

Alegro Setúbal

Central Square

(in front of SportZone)

Our Shopping - Vila Real

Main Floor

(in front of Tezenis)


Alegro Castelo Branco
Next to Auchan Tecn

( in front of the stairs)


Alegro Setúbal:

- Bota Vereris;

- Agri boot tire

- Bota Mikraf Castanho
- Backpacks and Briefcases

- Men's and women's wallets

- Purses and key rings

- Belts

- Pantufa Alba

- Cinhelo Locus

Our Shopping:

Alegro Castelo Branco:

- Agri boot;

- Bota Mexicanus

- Bota Ruris

- Jordan boot

- Bita Mikraf Castanho

- Bota Clauditis Preto

- Romae Brown Boot

- Black Spinalis Boot

- Bocage shoe

- Bota Gamma
- Grace Kelly Camel
- Grace Kelly Preto

- Campino AP

- Prestige Blue Shoe

- Prestige Brown Boot
- Homine Brown Shoe

- Boot Collum Camel
- Boot Chukka Plus
- Boot Chukka Camel
- Boot Plumari Red

- Reditus red shoe

-Backpacks and Briefcases - Women and Men Wallets

- Pantufa Alfa

- Domum Slipper

- Keychain