Leather care

10 EUR

Leather ointment. Ideal for the correct maintenance of footwear and thus allowing the longevity of boots and shoes.

Application: Clean the leather surface of any kind of dust or dirt. For a shiny and soft touch, apply by hand. With a soft cloth or sponge. For a better finish, use a soft bristle brush at the end of the process.

Types of Ointment:

Sebo / Leather Oil - Ideal for Models: Agri, Agrid, Veteris, Veter, Jordan, Vitulus, Mexicanus, Ruris, Gago, Bartolomeu, Gama, Camões, Eça, Bocage. (can be applied to suede or nubuck models if you want to change their waterproofing and texture by greasing the shoes)

Cera / Wax - Ideal for other models.